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Flour and flour machine purchase method

2020-07-20 16:57:38
The selection of horizontal noodle machine mainly has the following four aspects:

1, it is necessary to see whether the inner wall of the dough machine is smooth or not, and the noodles machine article comes from: the inner wall is smooth, so that the flour can be kneaded smoothly and fine;

2, must pay attention to the power and specifications of noodle machine, according to the number of people to buy can;

3, attention should be paid to the face machine in the work process of heat dissipation is not good, because the face machine in the work process will produce heat, good heat dissipation and face machine life is longer;

4, pay attention to see and face machine work will not stir the surface.

Now you can combine the actual situation to buy the most suitable noodle machine.


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