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Food and packaging machinery industry how to plan?

2020-10-29 21:18:31
Chinese food and packaging machinery industry association chairman Li Shujun pointed out in his speech, in 12th Five-Year to discuss planning should take Scientific Outlook on Development as the guiding ideology, according to the overall change in mode of development, innovation and development mode, from reality, reflect the industry in the "12th Five-Year" development period of the key and difficult and key problem, put forward our country food and packaging machinery industry in the "12th Five-Year" development planning ideas, and strive to improve the planning, strategic and forward-looking guidance, targeted and feasibility. The current development of the industry, food and packaging machinery industry technology progress is relatively slow, automatic and intelligent equipment development could not keep pace with the developed countries, food packaging machinery industry overall level is not high, lack of core competitiveness, to a certain extent as a bottleneck in the development of Chinese food industry. Horizontal flour mixer
Li Ziming, general manager of China packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, put forward that food and packaging machinery should be developed towards green, intelligent, high speed and precision. There are many kinds of food and packaging equipment in our country, and the specifications are various. From a certain point of view, it causes a lot of waste, and needs to be standardized by the industry organization.
Many experts have put forward the standard of food packaging machinery work should be strengthened in our country, in addition to strengthening the implementation of advanced standards and promotion efforts, screening technology and products to the enterprise has an important role to enhance the standard of liapunoff through training courses, seminars and other forms of technology organization of enterprises, to enhance the level of scientific research and technology content of the enterprise product. In addition, experts also put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the priority of development in food and packaging machinery industry in the "12th Five-Year" development plan.


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