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Five basic principles should be paid attention to when selecting high pressure g

2020-10-29 21:19:52

A high pressure grouting pump equipment should be matched with the formation geological conditions, in the complex formation, should take full account of the high jet car slewing capacity and lifting capacity, and properly left margin;

Two high pressure grouting pump equipment should be adapted to the construction depth. When the depth is deeper, large power, high tower and other Jumbo and high pressure grouting pump or clean water pump should be selected;

Three high-pressure grouting pump equipment should be matched with the high spray process, single or double jet process is relatively simple, 3 tube, multi tube process is relatively complex, so the equipment is high and equipment requirements are not the same;

Four high pressure grouting pump equipment should be matched with the design wall (pile) body type. When the construction of spray wall, the high spraying trolley has swing device. When the construction of the jet grouting pile, the high jet car has the selection device;

Five when the condition of high pressure grouting pump is in place, the equipment with high degree of automation and equipment for measuring equipment should be selected as much as possible. Extraction type grouting machine


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