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Development and principle of vacuum refrigeration technology for food

2020-07-20 16:45:00
Vacuum freeze drying technology is the dehydration of food processing is currently the most advanced, compared with the commonly used methods of drying, freeze dried food with the technology of production and has long shelf life, good rehydration, and its color, flavor and taste, nutrition and so on characteristics, food volume, shape after drying the basic substance was unchanged, spongy, no shrinkage phenomenon, can be widely used in vegetables, fruits, spices, aquatic products, biological products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc. samples. Extraction type grouting machine
Working principle: the so-called vacuum freeze drying is the aquifer material, after the pretreatment, -30 C rapid freezing and vacuum environment, in which water from solid sublimate to gas, drying method to remove water and save material. A method for vacuum preservation of fruits and vegetables is presented. Firstly, the stored fruits and vegetables are placed in the vacuum refrigerated packaging. The package includes a vacuum packed bag and a skeleton set up in it. Vacuum packaging machine vacuum sealing bag is sealed when vacuum degree is between 5 and 15mmHg. Then, the vacuum refrigerated packaging packages with fruits or vegetables were stored in - 1.5 ~ 5 degree cold storage. The fruits and vegetables stored in the method still keep the original freshness within six months, and the packaging is convenient and the cost is not very high. It is especially effective to treat fruits and vegetables which are hard to preserve.


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